About Us


Surfability UK CIC was founded in July 2013 by Directors Benjamin Clifford, Nathan Dicks and Benedict Room as a response to the high demand for inclusive surfing lessons. Surfability UK seeks to surround its constituents with a caring, inclusive learning environment. It offers the disabled person and carer alike, a unique and stimulating way to enhance quality respite. Surfability UK CIC seeks to be able to include people with many different needs/disabilities so as a Community Interest Company we reinvest our profits in developing methods and purchasing equipment to make surfing more accessible for more people.

If you let us know the needs of yourself or your group we can devise a lesson or surfing experience which suits you, and where every participant feels safe, included and has lots of fun. We use many innovative ways to promote inclusion in surfing; Tandem Surfboards, Surfing Helmets, Buoyancy Aids and Beach Access Wheelchairs can open up the ocean environment for you to enjoy. Surfability also uses iPads with communication software and instructions in picture symbol format to make sure our participants with learning difficulties can always understand and respond to instructions. iPads are also used to provide on the spot video analysis where our Coaches can break down techniques and help your progression in surfing.

Our team enable Surfability to support individuals and groups who are just getting used to the water and can aid our participants progression all the way through to high performance surfing. Surfing is an exciting challenge and whatever your level, we ensure that it is always easy to have a lot of fun and enjoy the ocean environment.